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Unruli Tonneau & LIBERATOR™ Box System

Ford – Unruli LIBERATOR™ Box and Tonneau System

Toyota – Unruli LIBERATOR™ Box and Tonneau System

Dodge – Unruli LIBERATOR™ Box and Tonneau System

Chevy/GMC – Unruli LIBERATOR™ Box and Tonneau System


Limited-Time Introductory Offer

The Unruli® Tonneau and LIBERATOR™ Box System is a flexible, light weight and easily removable, cargo box that includes a soft roll-up tonneau cover.

The LIBERATOR Box features:

  • heavy duty all-weather fabric cargo box (same material as tonneau cover).
  • fitted bottom cargo box tray.
  • security strap to contain cargo in box.
  • LED light (auto shut-off with 3-minute timer).
  • 4” bed to cargo box clearance with flexible fabric to store larger items underneath cargo box.
  • U-bolts on each side of box to easily secure and remove cargo box by one-person.
  • up to 250 lbs. of load capacity.
  • cargo boxes are interchangeable with all Unruli® boxes using the same tonneau rails.
  • easy tonneau and cargo box installation.

Cargo box dimensions: 51” W x 16” D x 9” H (inside)
Cargo box material: heavy duty all-weather fabric (same fabric material as tonneau cover)
Tonneau cover material: heavy duty all-weather with hook and loop closure
Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.