Tonneau Cover Trade-In Event

Trade in old tonneau cover

Unruli’s Tonneau Cover Trade-In Event provides you with the opportunity to get rid of your old or unwanted tonneau cover in exchange for a $100 discount and free installation of your new Unruli tonneau cover and cargo box. All cargo box options. DEFENDER®, LIBERATOR® and TRANSFORMER® cargo box options are eligible.

How the Tonneau Cover Trade-In & Free Installation Works

During checkout, select “local pickup” for your method of delivery and enter the coupon code COVER-TRADEIN to receive a $100 discount on your purchase. Complete your checkout.

When your new Unruli® Cargo System is ready, an Unruli Customer Service representative will contact you to schedule your in-person trade/installation. All tonneau trade-ins and Unruli complimentary installation services are completed at our manufacturing facilities located in Charlotte, Michigan.

Materials from your old tonneau cover are recycled with the help of Unruli’s waste management partners.

The Tonneau Cover Trade-In Event is available for a limited time only. Questions regarding this Trade-In Event can be directed to Customer Service at 833-867-8541 or