3 Features You Need For Your Next Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers date back to horse-drawn carriage days when tarps protected cargo from the elements. Other issues addressed by tonneau covers, like appearance and aerodynamics, wouldn’t come into play until modern times. And, if you’re curious, tonneau is a French word with many meanings, including container. You may even come across other terms that mean the same thing, such as cargo bed cover or truck bed cover.

Pickup truck owners buy a tonneau cover for cargo protection, improved aesthetics, and enhanced aerodynamics (for better fuel economy). These truck-saving accessories come in many forms but center around a soft or hard option. For this article, we’ll focus on the roll-up tonneau cover, which incorporates soft material in its composition.

Roll-up tonneau covers have recently gained popularity as an alternative to traditional hard-cover products that are more expensive and bulkier. If you’re considering a roll-up option, here are three essential factors to think about.

Ease of Installation and Removal 

Adding a tonneau cover to your truck shouldn’t be an all-day affair. Instead, you’ll want something that can be installed with a basic hand tool (such as a wrench) in no time. At the same time, the effort should be a one-person job—save the get-togethers for fun activities. 

Likewise, removing a roll-up tonneau cover should be equally effortless. Perhaps you want to add a camper top for a trip to the wilderness. Or, it’s trade-in time, and you can transfer the cover to a new truck. Regardless of the reason, taking off a tonneau cover should involve minutes, not hours. 


Usability for a roll-up tonneau cover boils down to ease of use and durability. To begin with, you need a cover that’s convenient to operate. It should only require one person for opening and closing. Further, the process should only need minimal effort to secure the cargo area or roll it out of the way.

The second half of the usability factor is how well the cover stands up to the elements and everyday use. This is best addressed by choosing a high-quality product from a recognized brand. In other words, skip the cheap imports, no matter how tempting the price. “You get what you pay for” is a time-honored phrase for a reason. 

Compatibility with a Storage System

It’s common for pickup owners to add a storage box to the bed to better manage valuable or delicate cargo. But, many systems rise above the bed rails, making a tonneau cover incompatible with these containers. Your search should involve a comprehensive approach to dealing with the cargo area. Consider what goes on top of and inside the bed. 

You’ll find select cargo management systems that combine a roll-up tonneau cover and storage box into one package. 

Cargo Bed Protection and Storage Made Easy

Truck owners across the country are discovering the advantages of innovative cargo bed management systems from Unruli. The made-in-the-USA DEFENDER, TRANSFORMER, and LIBERATOR include an integrated roll-up tonneau cover paired with a convenient sliding storage box. Contact Unruli today to learn more about upgrading your pickup.