5 Things To Avoid With Pickup Cargo Boxes

Pickup cargo boxes are a great way to keep things secure and organized. However, not all cargo boxes work the same or meet every requirement. Let’s review the factors to skip when shopping for a storage solution for your truck’s cargo bed.

#1: Buying a Cargo Box that Doesn’t Meet Your Needs

It’s easy to rush out and buy a cargo box without much thought. But, storage needs can change down the road. So, what you currently have might work now, but not later on. Before making any purchase, think about any larger cargo (like sporting equipment or tools) that you might carry in the future.

#2: Allowing the Cargo Box to be Exposed to the Elements and Prying Eyes

While many pickup cargo boxes protect contents from rain or snow, no system is perfect. Weather-blocking seals can get damaged or fail over time. Or, a lid can be left ajar. In addition, many containers have locks to prevent thefts, but this only alerts potential bandits that there’s something valuable inside. The easiest way to deal with these issues is to use a cargo box and tonneau cover combination.

#3: Using a Cargo Box that’s Difficult to Install or Remove

Buying a cargo box is only half the task; it must be installed. The last thing anyone wants is to have to cut and drill or spend hours on the project. Likewise, taking out a cargo box should allow quick and easy access to the entire cargo bed. Look for a storage system that’s designed for easy installation and removal.

#4: Utilizing a Generic Cargo Box

Relying on a cargo box that isn’t engineered for your specific truck is likely to cause headaches. Not only can the installation be a challenge (see #3), but you’ll find that the container may not fit correctly. Instead, go with a system designed to work with the make and model of your truck.

#5: Installing a Cargo Box that’s Hard to Access

A pickup cargo box is only useful if it’s easily accessible. While the crossover-style box (that sits behind the cabin) is popular, it requires stretching or climbing into the bed to reach the entire storage area. Consider a storage solution that requires minimal effort.

The Simple Solution for Pickup Storage

Unruli offers a trio of pickup cargo boxes that address the frustrations common to ordinary cargo-keeping solutions.

  • Spacious Storage: Each Unruli system offers ample space for large and bulky items. And you can swap out different storage units for even more personalized uses.
  • Integrated Tonneau Cover: An integrated tonneau cover is included with every Unruli system. So there’s no guessing if a third-party cover will fit or worrying about protection from the weather or curious onlookers.
  • Easy Installation: Do you have 30 minutes and a half-inch wrench? That’s all it takes to install an Unruli storage system in your pickup. And box removal is even easier, making complete bed access available in a few minutes.
  • Custom Engineered: Every Unruli system is designed and built for your truck’s exact specifications; there’s no guesswork or frustration. Options are available for select full-sized pickups from Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, RAM/Dodge, Nissan, and Toyota.
  • Easy Access: No awkward or uncomfortable stretching is involved with using an Unruli cargo box. Just stand at the tailgate and effortlessly slide the container to easily reach what’s inside.

Move Forward with Unruli

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