Top 5 Truck Cargo Management Systems

Since they first appeared more than a century ago, pickups have offered appealing versatility. There’s no substitute for an ample cargo bed when the need arises for hauling large and bulky items. But, sometimes, too much space can be a hassle if you’re transporting smaller things like tools or groceries. This is when a truck cargo management system is essential.

It’s a sophisticated term for a simple method of compartmentalizing the truck bed and protecting your cargo. These systems come in various forms, with each approach having distinct benefits. Let’s check out the most popular types.

#1 Hard Box

You’ve undoubtedly seen a crossover box sitting behind a pickup cab; it’s just one example of a hard box truck cargo management system. Other forms include rigid containers that sit on top of the bed rails, inside the cargo bed, or that slide out onto a dropped tailgate. A hard box (usually metal) serves multiple purposes: to keep contents contained and protected from the elements and prying eyes.

#2 Soft Box

A soft box’s primary job is to hold stuff. Some versions may have a lid to keep out the weather and road dust, but security is not a priority for these containers. At the same, a soft box is less expensive than a hard version and easier to move about. 

#3 Tonneau Cover

You may not think of a tonneau cover as a truck cargo management system, but think about what it does. A tonneau cover keeps cargo inside the bed and protects these items from dirt and moisture. And, at the very least, a cover safeguards valuables from curious onlookers.

#4 Cargo Net

Sometimes a simple solution like a cargo net is all that’s needed to keep a truck bed in order. A net is ideal for holding grocery bags and sports equipment, but don’t expect any help with security or weather protection. Short of a bungee cord, there’s no cheaper way to keep things in place in the back of your truck.

#5 Cargo Bar

A cargo bar is an adjustable post that wedges between the two bed rails. It’s not the answer for keeping smaller items secure but is ideal for preventing boxes and wheeled gear (like a lawn mower) from shifting and sliding during transport. Think of a cargo bar as a way of partitioning the bed into smaller sections. 

The Best of All Worlds

The Unruli Box combines different truck cargo management systems into one innovative package. Start with an integrated tonneau cover and choose from three sliding boxes easily accessible from the tailgate area. The DEFENDER offers a rugged and lockable solution, the TRANSFORMER provides a foldable option for extra convenience, and the LIBERATOR delivers the flexibility of collapsible soft box construction. 

Next-Generation Truck Storage from Unruli

Keeping your cargo organized and protected is as easy as adding an Unruli Box to your truck. This inventive system is available for most full-sized pickups from Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, RAM, and Toyota. Contact us today to get started.