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Tired Of Reaching For Tools? Try A Sliding Truck Tool Box

Open a kitchen drawer, and the utensils inside come right to you. It’s a similar idea to a sliding truck tool box; just stand at the back of your truck for easy access to gear and goods. There’s no uncomfortable reaching or stretching.

The sliding toolbox is a relatively new innovation that improves on traditional crossover containers and other solutions. It’s a more modern approach for storing and accessing essentials. Let’s take a closer look at the sliding truck tool box, how it compares to old-school systems and available options.

What to Know about the Sliding Truck Tool Box

As with other storage systems, the sliding truck tool still uses a container to hold tools and other valuables. But rather than a stationary structure (like behind the cab or on top of the cargo bed sides), a sliding system uses a box with rails mounted inside the cargo bed.

The box can still be accessed from the side of the truck, but it’s more convenient to drop the tailgate and slide everything for easy reach. In other words, you have greater flexibility. And Unruli adds to this versatility by offering sliding box systems that are easy to install and remove; full bed access is still possible.

Tool Box Design: Old Vs. New

Crossover boxes have been around for decades and haven’t changed much over time. They also have significant drawbacks:

  • Complex and time-consuming installation, including the need to protect surrounding metal surfaces.
  • Inability to use a tonneau cover for protection against the elements and prying eyes
  • Requires stretching to reach all areas of the box

Unruli sliding truck storage boxes eliminate these disadvantages through thoughtful design and engineering:

  • Easy, one-tool (with a half-inch wrench) installation that takes less than 30 minutes. The integrated rails are mounted to existing cargo bed holes, and there’s no worry about damaging painted surfaces.
  • Every Unruli system includes an integrated tonneau bed for greater peace of mind and enhanced cargo protection.
  • Convenient access to the entire storage box for maximum usability.

Choosing the Best Sliding Truck Tool Box

Unruli offers three sliding truck toolbox options, each with a coordinating premium tonneau cover designed for use with select full-sized pickup trucks.


The trusty DEFENDER is the ultimate solution for protecting valuable gear. Its durable aluminum diamond plate construction and keyed lock safeguard against the elements and theft.


The unique TRANSFORMER combines the convenience of a sliding system with a foldable and stowable aluminum box. Based on your needs, easily choose between dedicated storage or full bed access.


The clever LIBERATOR incorporates a softbox made from heavy-duty all-weather fabric, the same material used for tonneau covers. Easily store bulky items like groceries or sports gear, or effortlessly raise the box to provide room for lumber.

Upgrade Your Truck with an Unruli Storage System

Learn how a DEFENDER, TRANSFORMER, or LIBERATOR sliding truck tool box reinvents on-the-go storage. Contact Unruli today to take advantage of these next-generation systems.