How To Select A Cargo Storage Container For Pickups

Looking at cargo storage containers for pickups begins with understanding your needs. Identify what’s essential involves looking at:

  • Capacity: Get a handle on the items you usually carry in the cargo bed to help determine what size storage container is needed. Protecting a circular saw or other tools is one thing, but making room for bulky items like golf clubs and baseball bats is another. Also, use this opportunity to plan ahead for the other items you might need to carry in the future.
  • Security: Protecting pricey items from theft is a reality when using the cargo bed. Sometimes all that’s needed is blocking what curious eyes see, but being able to put valuables under lock and key can be vital, too.
  • Protection: An open cargo bed not only captures rain and snow but is a magnet for dust and dirt. So, protecting your gear from the elements is an essential duty of any cargo storage system. This effort can range from a weather-resistant box to a tonneau cover.
  • Versatility: Part of your search efforts should include identifying if you’ll ever need the use of the entire cargo bed. If so, you’ll want a storage container that’s easily removable or can fold out of the way.
  • Accessibility: Think about how you’ll want to access your stored items. Does reaching over the bed rail (like with a crossover box) work, or is it easier to grab things from the tailgate area? 

Options: Cargo Storage Containers For Pickups

With a better idea about cargo storage needs, it’s time to dive into available options.

Crossover Box

Crossover boxes sit behind the truck cab and are a popular cargo bed storage option. Stored items are well protected, but stretching is required to reach the full contents. The use of a tonneau cover is out, too.

Chest Box

Like a crossover box, a chest box sits behind the cab but not above the bed rails. So, there’s no issue with a topper or tonneau cover, but access can be a stretch or require hopping into the bed. 

Side Box

A side box sits on top of the bed rail (and the wheel well, depending on design) and allows quick access to tools, fittings, and similar items. The trade-off for convenience is an obstructed outward view. A top mount version sits even higher on the bed rails.

Integrated Box and Tonneau Cover

Another take on a pickup cargo storage solution is an integrated box and tonneau. Rather than treat these items as individual components, a unified system provides the benefits of box-type storage plus adds the extra protection of a compatible tonneau cover. 

Storage Drawers

A storage drawer setup rests on the cargo bed floor and offers slide-outs that are reachable from the tailgate area. Lower drawer height may limit what you can store, but there are no vision obstructions or cover restrictions. 

Wheel Well Box

Another option is a box that contours on top of the wheel well and attaches to the cargo bed floor. Most arrangements are narrow and tall, which can limit storage space. However, these units tend not to interfere with the cargo space between the wheels. 

Pickup Cargo Storage Solutions from Unruli

Unruli’s line of integrated storage box and tonneau cover solutions are the ultimate truck upgrade. Choose from the DEFENDER, TRANSFORMER, or LIBERATOR system for convenient and secure cargo bed storage. Contact Unruli to learn more.