The Easiest Removable Truck Tool Box

Cargo bed storage is an essential upgrade for many pickup owners, and it becomes more critical when looking for a solution to keep tools secure. Many will turn to conventional answers like a crossover box installed behind the cab or a side box that sits adjacent to the cargo rails. But, there’s one problem with these approaches, they’re time-consuming to remove. That’s a hassle when you need to access the entire cargo bed.

But, more pickup owners are discovering the value and convenience of a removable truck tool box. It’s a storage solution that protects valuable and delicate gear while providing tool-less full bed access in minutes.  Unruli, a pioneer in the development of removable truck tool boxes, offers three unique solutions that are engineered for select full-sized pickups from Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, RAM/Dodge, and Toyota. 

Each box is accessed from the tailgate area via an easy-to-install sliding rail system with 18 bearings for effortless use. And unlike other systems, Unruli products feature an integrated tonneau cover for maximum safeguarding against the elements and curious eyes. Importantly, each tonneau is matched to a specific truck, so installation is a snap.

Unruli Standard Box with Tools


Truck owners looking for the ultimate in protection choose the DEFENDER. Its durable aluminum plate outer structure and keyed lock shield against theft, and a weather-tight seal prevents moisture and road dust from entering the container. Best of all, a few twists of the mounting knobs release the box, which can be lifted out of the way for full-bed access. A built-in LED light aids during nighttime loading and unloading.


The TRANSFORMER stands out as the most unique cargo management system on the market. Rather than use a removable box, the anodized aluminum panels separate and fold out of the way when access to the entire cargo area is needed. It’s a system engineered to hold everything from tools to fuel containers. Integrated cargo straps and an LED light add to this system’s convenience. 


The LIBERATOR turns the idea of conventional cargo management on its head by using a lightweight softbox. Made from the same materials as the tonneau cover, the container is designed to hold tools, groceries, sports gear, and other items that aren’t suitable for being loose in the cargo bed. The box can be removed in seconds or simply lifted out of the way to provide clearance for plywood, drywall, and other flat but bulky cargo. 

Unique Removable Truck Tool Boxes and More 

Unruli’s innovative box and tonneau cover systems offer unique solutions for tool storage and cargo management challenges.

Interchangeable Design

The DEFENDER and LIBERATOR Unruli systems features an interchangeable design, so swapping one box for another is quick and easy. Use the DEFENDER for weekday work requirements, and change the system with a LIBERATOR box for playtime. 

Simple Installation

All that’s needed to add an Unruli system to your truck is a half-inch wrench and 30 minutes. Notably, installation is easily reversible.

Maximum Versatility

Each Unruli storage system can hold up to 250 pounds of tools, gear, and goods. 

Solid Construction

All Unruli products are made in America from premium materials.

Unmatched Tool Storage and Cargo Management

Contact Unruli today to learn about next-generation storage and cargo management with a DEFENDER, TRANSFORMER, or LIBERATOR system.