pickup truck tool box extended over tailgaite

Can Your Truck Bed Cargo Box Do This?

The search for a truck bed cargo box is filled with many options. The common crossover style gets installed behind the cab, a side-mount box rests on the bed rails, or a drawer system that sits on top of the bed. But, another option should be on the shopping list; a sliding storage box. This clever solution installs near the tailgate and is accessed via a pair of sliding tracks.

A Truck Bed Cargo Box Like No Other

Unruli makes a line of sliding containers with unique and unmatched features.

  • Integrated Tonneau Cover:  Every Unruli system comes with a fitted tonneau cover. That means there’s no trying to match up components from different manufacturers. And your cargo will enjoy protection from the elements and curious eyes.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up an Unruli system requires a half-inch wrench and about 30 minutes. Importantly, installation isn’t permanent. So, you can easily remove the structure for short-term needs or at trade-in time.
  • Adaptability: Every Unruli sliding box adapts for full cargo bed access. Twist a few knobs, and the DEFENDER or LIBERATOR box lifts out complete. The clever TRANSFORMER folds out of the way. Each version has a load capacity of up to 250 pounds.
  • Made-in-the-USA: All Unruli storage products are made in America; there’s no dealing with unreliable supply chains.

Three Innovative Cargo Management Systems

Unruli offer three options, each with its own unique benefits. The lineup is available for select full-sized pickups from Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, RAM/Dodge, and Toyota.


The DEFENDER offers top-notch protection for valuable and delicate cargo. A rugged aluminum diamond plate exterior and a keyed lock guard against pilfering, while a durable seal keeps out moisture and dust (the included tonneau cover aids, too). A built-in LED light helps at night.


There’s no other truck bed cargo box quite like TRANSFORMER. Its anodized aluminum structure is ideal for holding tools and everyday items, but the box easily folds to each side of the bed for full access. It’s a setup enhanced by the all-weather tonneau cover, supportive cargo straps, and an LED light.


The savvy LIBERATOR shares its aluminum sliding mechanism with its Unruli stablemates. But the system incorporates a lightweight softbox made from the same fabric as the tonneau cover. The container is perfect for holding items like groceries or golf clubs; objects that otherwise might get damaged from being loose in the bed. A four-inch clearance underneath the box allows for convenient placement of lumber, drywall, and similar cargo.

The Convenience of Flexibility

Unruli cargo management systems feature interchangeable boxes. So, it’s easy to swap one style for another while keeping the same sliding rails. The secure DEFENDER box is well-suited for workday duty, or choose a LIBERATOR or TRANSFORMER container for weekend tasks.

Unruli: A Truck Bed Cargo Box For Every Need

Unruli’s innovative cargo management solutions offer the answer to every storage need. Discover how to benefit from a DEFENDER, TRANSFORMER, or LIBERATOR system. Contact us today to learn more.