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5 Ways To Simplify Truck Bed Storage

Determining truck bed storage can be overwhelming, but following a few logical steps can keep things straightforward.

#1 Inspect The Cargo Bed

Trying to get more organized first involves accessing the truck’s cargo area. Have loose objects caused any damage? Is dirt, debris, or rust building up (especially where the bed and side rails meet)? You’ll want to fix any problems before determining a storage approach.

#2 Inventory Your Equipment

Next, get a handle on what you want to store. This is essential because each option can only offer so much space. For example, a wheel well box may provide good use of a “dead” area in the bed, but it’s out of the question if you want to protect golf clubs or baseball bats.

#3 Plan For The Future

You may not have a crystal ball handy, but try to anticipate what your storage needs could be down the road. Today’s requirement to safely and securely transport power tools may one day be supplemented by the need to carry soccer balls or football gear. 

#4 Select The Ideal Storage System

You’ll want to choose a storage solution that meets your needs. 

  • Cargo Net: A cargo net is nothing more than an expandable pouch extending from one side of the bed. Some are designed to hold grocery bags and sports equipment, while others stretch across the entire bed for larger, unwieldy loads. These nets are inexpensive but offer zero protection from pilfering or the elements.
  • Fixed Box: You’re probably most familiar with a crossover or crossbed box; it’s installed behind the cab and rests on top of the side rails. There are also bins that are mounted on top of the bed rails or wheel wells. Regardless of the style, a fixed box offers storage security and safeguards against the weather. 
  • Sliding Box: A sliding storage box installs near the tailgate and covers the width of the bed. It’s similar in size to a large crossover box and is accessed from the back of the truck via a sliding mechanism. Access is easy with no awkward stretching. Top-flight systems include an integrated tonneau cover for a streamlined appearance and to keep away the elements and prying eyes. 
  • Drawers: A drawer system rests on the cargo bed floor and is accessed from the tailgate area. It provides a discrete place for keeping valuables, but the box height may limit what can be stored while still eating up vertical space in the bed.

#5 Consider Flexibility

Part of the thought process should take cargo bed adaptability into account. Having a truck means sometimes needing the entire cargo bed, which can be hampered when something like a crossover box gets installed. Look for a setup that can be easily removed as the occasion arises.

Make Unruli Your Choice For Truck Bed Storage

More and more truck owners are choosing Unruli for their truck bed storage needs. The made-in-the-USA DEFENDER, TRANSFORMER, and LIBERATOR provide sliding storage convenience that’s easy to remove. Plus, the included tonneau cover keeps everything neat and tidy. Contact Unruli today to learn more.