How To Select The Right Pickup Truck Storage Box

How To Select The Right Pickup Truck Storage Box

While a pickup truck is unmatched for hauling things, this abundance of space can make it hard to store valuables securely. In these situations, truck owners turn to a storage box. Read on as we explore how to pick the best option.

What Are Your Truck Storage Needs For Today and Tomorrow?

Buying a truck storage system is a commitment. You’ll have to live with whatever you pick for years. The best way to begin the decision process is to think about how you’ll use this storage now and in the future. Will your needs change down the road? Will you be adding new gear or tools?

Plan Around Your Truck

Many storage systems are configured to specific trucks, so keep this in mind. If you’re likely to trade in the pickup in the next few months, you might want to delay any storage purchase. In contrast, if you plan to keep the truck until the wheels fall off, invest in quality storage to avoid headaches later.

Choosing the Box Style

Storage box options are abundant, and so many choices can be confusing. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available.

Crossbed Box

A crossbed box installs behind the truck cab and runs the entire width of the cargo bed. In most cases, each end of the box will sit on top of each side of the bed. Mention a pickup storage box to someone and chances are a crossbed unit comes to mind.

Chest Box

Similar to a crossbed box, a storage chest also sits behind the truck cab but does not rise above the top of the cargo bed. Yet, unlike with a crossbed, a chest won’t interfere with a tonneau cover or bed topper.

Side Box

As the name implies, a side box mounts on top of a cargo bed rail—it may or may not rest on the wheel well. Given that a side storage box rises above the sides of the truck bed, it can interfere with rear vision as well as the tonneau cover or topper.

Top Mount Box

Think of a top mount box as a side box on steroids. It also gets mounted on the side of the cargo bed and extends above the bed by a foot or more. There’s plenty of easy-access storage, but blocked views from the rear are a problem. And, of course, tonneau covers are out, too.

Integrated Box and Tonneau

An integrated storage box and tonneau cover system is a different take on the usual solutions. A choice of storage-box styles can hold various gear and tools, and the matching tonneau cover adds an extra layer of protection from the elements and prying eyes.

Storage Drawers

A storage drawer system sits on top of the cargo bed floor. The top of the drawer box becomes the new load floor, and the drawers are accessed from the tailgate area. This equipment won’t interfere with a tonneau cover or cargo topper, but modest drawer height can make storing bulky items a challenge.

Wheel Well Boxes

A wheel well box attaches to the cargo bed floor and contours against the wheel well mound. Most units are tall and narrow and sit at or below the cargo bed rail. While the contoured c-shape eats up storage space, a wheel well box can be an unobtrusive option.

Unruli Tonneau Cover and Storage Solutions

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