Unruli cargo Liberator box with groceries

Pickup Truck Bed Storage Options For Shoppers

Applications for Shoppers Across North America

From bags of groceries and mall treasures to supplies for projects of all kinds, any pickup truck bed will see a vast variety of cargo in its lifetime. And just as millions of products are available on the market, truck beds should be outfitted to handle millions of uses, whether it’s stowing small items or hauling home a major purchase.

With this belief serving as a guide, Reliable Engineered Products, LLC sought to provide pickup owners with a durable, user-friendly truck bed storage solution. To equip any pickup truck for shopping trips, we introduced the Unruli Cargo Management System in 2019, which makes loading, unloading, and stowing items easier than ever before.

How It Works

Constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum, the Unruli Cargo Management System offers pickup truck owners 250 lbs. of storage capacity in a simple-to-use organizational tool. It can be easily installed by one person in around 30 minutes, only requiring a 1/2” regular or socket wrench to secure the system’s six clamps to the truck’s tonneau side rails.

To prevent the shifting of items, damage to goods, and trouble reaching your valuables, the Unruli Cargo Management System was designed with the following features:

Simple Loading and Unloading Technology

Loading and unloading is effortless thanks to its user-friendly design. To make your items easily accessible, Unruli cargo boxes are simple to move thanks to the 18 stainless-steel bearings that can quickly and safely slide cargo of any weight. This makes for easy packing and retrieval without the hassle of having to roll up the tonneau cover just to load or unload your plethora of shopping bags.  If you shop during the night time, your Unruli cargo box also gives you an LED light to see things in your cargo box.

Two Cargo Box Options

Ideal for stowing smaller items, we offer three types of cargo boxes that can be used interchangeably with the Unruli Cargo Management System. These include:

  • Soft Box: The soft box is ultra light, weighing only 19 lbs., but has the braun to carry up to 200 lbs. of cargo. It’s made from the same all-weather heavy duty fabic as the tonneau cover and comes with a plastic bottom tray, and hook/loop straps to hold items in place. The Soft Box measures 52″ W x 9″ H x 16″ D.
  • Standard Box: This option measures 58-1/4” W x 15-1/8” H x 20” D and weighs 53 lbs. alone. When accounting for the combined weight of the box, tonneau cover, rails, and clamps, it comes in at 85 lbs.
  • Foldable Box: Weighing 42 lbs. on its own or a combined 75 lbs. when included with the tonneau cover, rails, and clamps, this option also features hook/loop straps and six built-in hooks that are ideal for shopping trips to the grocery store, mall, and more. It measures 54-1/8” W x 15” H x 23-1/2” D.

Full Truck Bed Utilization

If you anticipate that your shopping trip will yield larger items than your cargo boxes can hold, there’s no need to worry. Both cargo boxes can be removed from the system to give you the space you need for bigger cargo. To utilize your entire truck bed, you can take out the Soft and Standard Boxes by releasing its latch, while the Foldable Box can be removed by folding the box to each side.

Ability to Lock in Place

Regardless of which cargo box you choose, both options lock in place within the system anywhere from the edge of the tailgate to the back of the truck bed. This not only makes for easy loading and unloading, but it prevents items from shifting during transport and decreases the risk that your newly purchased belongings will become damaged.

A Long-Lasting Investment

The Unruli Cargo Management System is not only backed by a 30-day warranty, but it’s also made from 100% recyclable aluminum that can withstand the natural elements of any region. And since it won’t weaken over time, it all adds up to a truck bed storage solution that will last shoppers for years to come. With so much flexible storage, it’s truly a shopper’s best friend.  Unruli is designed, manufacted and assembled in the U.S.A. To learn more, contact Unruli by Reliable Engineered Products, LLC today.