When To Upgrade Your Pickup Truck Storage System

Signs You Need a Better Pickup Truck Storage System

Whether you rely on your pickup truck for work projects or activities like hunting and camping, it’s important to have the best truck storage system possible. This investment protects your valuables from the elements, shields them from robbery attempts, and keeps them in place while you’re driving on winding roads or at high speeds.  However, there are tell tale signs that dictate when it’s time to upgrade your truck’s storage.  Here, Unruli by Reliable Engineered Products, LLC explains what to look for.

Lacking in Security

One of the most important signs that you need a new truck bed storage system is if you current setup is lacking in security. If what you’re using now is easily visible by others, doesn’t lock in place and offer protection against theft, it’s time to consider making an investment to protect your assets. This is especially true for pickup truck owners who don’t have an existing storage system at all, or if their storage is not hidden in their bed under the tonneau cover, as your valuable possession like tools, sporting equipment, and more are left out in the open. By having the right security measures in place, you can feel more confident while away from your truck whether while working, camping, shopping, or adventuring through town.  Although not any tonneau cover can 100% protect your cargo from theft, deterring a thief by keeping cargo boxes out of view under the tonneau can reduces the odds, or at a minimum hinders a robber from stealing items quickly– seconds matter in catching a thief!

Constantly Shifting Objects

If items in your cargo load are consistently shifting or rolling around in your truck bed, it’s another red flag indicating your needs for a better storage system for your pickup. This isn’t only irritating to hear and feel while driving, but it can also cause damage to your valuables and truck bed when items are constantly sliding and crashing into your truck bed’s interior frame. And if your family transports groceries in the truck bed, an ineffective storage system could cause items to get crushed or broken and result in a mess to clean up later.

Limited Versatility

Not getting the functionality you need out of your current truck storage system? If this sounds like you, remember that you deserve a solution that can handle all of the demands of your lifestyle. The right storage system won’t put limits on your hauling capacity and should be ideal for a variety of activities, from camping and fishing to running errands around town.  It should be secure enough so you can go from off-roading to highway cruising without worrying about what’s packed away in the back.

Why Choose Unruli?

In an effort to provide our customers with only the best truck storage options, the Unruli Cargo Management System is proven to reverse all of these issues. It securely locks in place under it’s tonneau cover to protect your possessions from theft, stops item shifting, and offers unrivaled versatility thanks to the following features:

  • Cargo boxes that lock securely where you need it, whether at the edge of the tailgate, inside the tailgate, or under the tonneau cover
  • Easily converts from a slide-out cargo box to an empty truck bed to accommodate large items
  • Options for multiple cargo boxes for your hauling needs, including a lock & key diamond plated cargo box for extra security
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction that is corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable
  • LED light lets you see what your hauling when it’s dark
  • Easy reach and item retrieval

When you upgrade to a system like Unruli by Reliable Engineered Products, LLC, you’ll no longer have to worry about the problems presented by standard storage systems or from not having one at all. Unruli is designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. For more information about our user-friendly products available throughout North America, contact us today.