How Far Truck Bed Storage Systems Have Come

As with any modern technology, the history of truck bed storage is one of trial, error, and innovation. Our team at Reliable Engineered Products, LLC has over 100 years of combined engineering experience and puts it to use in improving truck bed storage, so we know about the evolution of these systems quite well. Here, we provide an overview of truck bed storage system development and how we’ve arrived at the high-quality cargo storage options, like the Unruli® Cargo Management System, that we have today.

Improved Security

One of the most important jobs of a truck bed storage system is security. Pickup beds are tempting targets for thieves – they’re usually easy to break into, and there’s a decent chance of valuable belongings being stored there. A tonneau cover can discourage sticky fingers, but it usually only hides what is underneath, leaving your valuables at risk with more curious and determined thieves. As truck bed storage solutions stay on the market, their security steadily improves. Modern systems include smooth, resilient tonneau covers – heavy duty vinyl – that stand up to break-ins and support a heftier locking mechanism. Meanwhile, lockable toolboxes made of durable aluminum add an extra level of security to prevent cargo theft.

More Durable Materials

As truck bed storage improves and evolves, we’ve found better materials to make products out of. Older systems were mainly made from steel. It’s a sturdy metal, but steel is heavy and vulnerable to corrosion and rust. Though it can be rust-proofed, this requires a coating of chromium or zinc, which increases both the weight of the cover and its cost. Plus, it will wear down over time. Today’s systems are crafted from aluminum, which is significantly less expensive than steel. It’s also lighter, which increases a truck’s possible payload and improves mileage. Most importantly, though, aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion. This means that it lasts longer, requires less maintenance to stay in good shape, and even has a higher resale value than a steel system. Overall, aluminum is a far better material that has allowed truck bed storage to reach a higher quality.

Comprehensive Systems

Finally, truck bed storage has become more convenient over the years, but often truck owners were forced to chose between either a tonneau cover or a toolbox. For so long, drivers had to buy different devices and tools for different needs: a tonneau cover to close the bed; ratchet straps to hold things down; storage bins or toolboxes that sit above the railing rendering a tonneau cover useless. This worked decently, but it had a cost, as buying several different storage tools can get expensive. Worse, the tools pile up, creating even more clutter when their job was to reduce it. Modern storage, however, has everything contained in a single comprehensive system. Storage boxes slide on the same rail that the tonneau cover does, and they even have built-in straps, hooks and LED lighting. It’s convenient, contained, easy to keep track of, and simple to install. Best of all, there’s no concern about compatibility, as the parts of the Unruli® Cargo Management System are all designed to work together.

Find Contemporary Storage Solutions

Truck bed storage has grown more secure, durable, and convenient as it’s evolved. Today, Unruli® by Reliable Engineered Products manufactures secure aluminum systems with everything you need included, such as durable tonneau covers, sliding cargo and toolboxes, security straps, and grocery hooks. To find out more about our truck bed storage system, contact us today.