Heavy Duty Truck Storage For The Long Haul

The longer the drive, the higher the risk is that something happens to your cargo. It’s just more time for objects to move about and shift, potentially resulting in lost or damaged items. This is why careful packing is especially important for long car trips. Unruli® by Reliable Engineered Products, LLC is an expert in safe packing for pickup trucks. Here, find our guide to heavy-duty truck storage with advice that will help keep your cargo secure on a longer-than-average haul.

Before Packing

Packing your truck correctly can feel like a puzzle at times. Each piece of gear, luggage, or equipment needs to fit in perfectly, and you want to keep wasted space to a minimum. Before you start packing, prepare to load your truck bed ahead of time with these tips:
  • Remove excess junk and unneeded items from your vehicle. You might also want to wipe down your truck bed to give your cargo a cleaner place to sit.
  • Come up with a plan before you begin – don’t just start stuffing. You might need to adjust your plan as you go, but have one to start to avoid unnecessary reshuffling.
  • Start packing a few days before leaving. You’ll have more time to shuffle things around as needed, so you can get it right without rushing and stress.

Use Extreme Care

Once you’ve cleaned out your bed, it’s time to form a plan and start packing. If your cargo load is a heavy one, the safest way to arrange it is by weight. Larger and heavier items should be stored in the front of the truck bed, close to the cab. This puts the majority of the weight closer to your truck’s center of gravity, reducing the risk of tipping and preserving your control over the vehicle. You should also organize your cargo by priority. If you’re taking a long trip, you’ll probably have to get something out of the bed at least once – maybe multiple times – before you arrive. If there’s something you’ll likely need before unpacking, make sure it’s close to the rear of the truck so you can get to it without hassle. Our Unruli Cargo Management System is great for these scenarios thanks to its slide-out cargo boxes that keep everything within easy reach.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Finally, invest in the right equipment to pack your truck. No matter how carefully you arrange your cargo, it can still shift around. Thankfully, sturdy protective cargo equipment can protect your belongings when you drive on a bumpy road or make a sharp turn. It’ll also make it much easier to load, rearrange, and access your cargo. Here are a few pieces of equipment that can be particularly helpful:
  • Tonneau cover: Protect your cargo from weather and debris, as well as hide it from thieves.
  • Cargo boxes: Keep your cargo organized and prevent it from shifting.
  • Ratchet straps: Use them to anchor down your heavier cargo that doesn’t fit into boxes.

Get Help with Truck Bed Storage

The right storage solution can keep your cargo safe and secure – even on the longest road trips. Reliable Engineered Products, LLC manufactures the Unruli® Cargo Management System, which features a tonneau cover, sliding cargo boxes, and unrivaled security in a single system. To learn more about heavy-duty truck storage before you hit the road, contact us today.