Is Your Standard Tonneau Cover Failing You? Learn Why

Your tonneau cover is designed to protect your truck cargo against thieves, debris, and the elements. It doesn’t always do the job right, though – tonneau cover wear, tear, and other flaws can get in the way. The skilled engineers at Reliable Engineered Products, LLC have experience in identifying problems with truck bed storage and finding solutions. Here, we introduce you to a few common standard tonneau cover problems, what might be causing them, and how to fix them.

Water Leakage

Rain and weather are some of the most common threats to truck cargos. Moisture is a big concern, as it can rust tools and equipment, soak into bags, and become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Standard tonneau covers are designed to be watertight for this reason, but if yours is leaking, it may lead to some serious issues for your truck and belongings. If your tonneau cover is leaking, check the cover’s seal along the edges. Regularly opening and closing the cover can wear down the seal over time, creating gaps that water can seep through. You can solve this issue by installing a tailgate cover seal. Alternatively, sliding cargo boxes will allow you to access the contents of your bed without opening and closing the cover as often, so the seal lasts longer and doesn’t degrade as quickly.

Noisy Shaking and Flapping

Tonneau covers are designed to fit snugly across the truck. If your cover doesn’t fit well, however, then it can rattle, whistle, and shake as you drive. This can get annoying, especially on longer trips – and it’s bad for the cover and the truck. Meanwhile, noisy tonneau covers are often so loud because they’ve been installed incorrectly. They could be the wrong size, have been installed too loosely, or don’t offer a tight enough fit for your truck. If you’re certain that your tonneau cover is the right size and installed correctly, check the seals. A broken seal can allow air to get under the cover while you drive, causing it to shake and flap.

The Cover Is Stuck

Unfortunately, many tonneau covers on the market are tough to use. They don’t open smoothly or close securely, or they get stuck in the tracks along the way. Struggling with a stuck cover, however, can cause extra wear and tear that will reduce its lifespan, even potentially resulting in damage to the truck. When your tonneau cover gets stuck, it might be due to rust in the mechanism. A bit of lubrication will help if that’s the case. You might also be dealing with the cumulative result of damage or depreciation due to age and use. If your tonneau cover is too new to be rusty or damaged, though, it might just be a faulty cover. Consider investing in a higher-quality cover that’s more reliable and will resist wear longer.

Quality Covers with Unruli

A leaky, noisy, or stuck tonneau cover is a pain, and it can cause some real problems for your truck and cargo. Avoid them by investing in the Unruli® Cargo Management System by Reliable Engineered Products, LLC. We have over 100 years of combined engineering experience and put it to use by crafting a system with a resilient cover and sliding cargo boxes, helping to reduce tonneau cover wear from use. To find out more, contact us today.