Top 5 Firearm Storage Solutions for Pickups

Transporting a firearm is serious business, especially as many jurisdictions mandate how to store guns inside a vehicle. Read on as we review your in-vehicle storage options for a pistol or rifle.

Before we get into specifics, keep in mind to always check state and local laws to ensure whatever firearm storage solution you choose is compliant with these requirements. Also, be aware that storing a gun inside the truck cab may run afoul of concealed carry laws. In general, having a firearm in your truck should involve:

  • Ensuring the gun is unloaded
  • Keeping ammunition separate from the firearm
  • Locking up the gun, so it’s inaccessible to children and unauthorized persons
  • Preventing the weapon from being accessible by the driver or passengers (where required by law)

Existing In-Truck Storage

We’re talking about the glove box, center console, under-seat storage, or an in-bed trunk. It’s tempting to rely on what’s already in the truck as a place to keep a firearm. But, even with a lock, a glove box or center console can easily be pried open. And, most automaker under-seat storage setups don’t come with locks. If the lock is robust enough, an in-bed trunk may offer a reasonable storage solution, particularly for a long gun that won’t fit anywhere else.

Accessory Lockable Storage

Smaller aftermarket lockboxes designed to fit inside a glove box or center console are a good choice for gun storage (where in-cabin storage is permitted). These smaller devices are suited for handguns and may have a bolt-in capability or a cable lock to prevent removal. These hardened lockboxes may be generic units or ones built to fit specific truck models.

Storage Vault

Another storage option is a larger box or vault that can fit under a seat or in the cargo bed. These lockable bins typically get bolted in place with larger versions placed under the rear seat, making them ideal for rifle storage. In addition, some models are designed to protect the contents from the elements making this option suitable for use in the cargo area.

Cargo Bed Storage Box with Tonneau Cover

Another option is a cargo bed storage box combined with an integrated tonneau cover. With this setup, the lockable compartment offers secure storage for most firearms or, at other times, a place for tools and valuable gear. At the same time, the tonneau cover protects the storage box from prying eyes and the weather.

Storage Drawers

Pickup truck storage drawers rest on the cargo bed floor. The drawers slide open through the tailgate area, and the top of the system is the new load floor. The drawers can be locked and are long enough for rifle storage.

Unruli Firearm Storage Solution

Unruli’s DEFENDER storage box and tonneau cover system provides a unique solution for storing a firearm in a pickup. The lockable bin keeps valuables secure outside of the cabin, and the protective tonneau cover gives your truck a crisp, modern look. Best of all, DEFENDER is available for most Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, RAM, and Toyota pickups. Contact us today to learn how Unruli’s innovative and made-in-the-USA storage solutions can meet your needs.