3 Ways To Keep Your Truck From Damaging Your Golf Clubs

Whether you’re heading off to the links with a shiny new set of Titleist clubs or treasured “sticks” you’ve been using since school, keeping them safe is challenging when you drive a pickup. Unlike in a carpeted car trunk, storing clubs in a wide-open cargo bed is a recipe for damage and disappointment. With this in mind, let’s look at ways to transport clubs in a truck safely.

But before we dive into this topic, let’s review some basics for smart club handling.

  • Organize the bag: Don’t just throw loose clubs in the bag.  Use tubes or dividers to prevent the clubs from hitting against each other.
  • Use a towel: Get in the habit of wiping down your clubs throughout the round.  This will prevent grime build-up and help keep club heads clean.
  • Dry off the clubs: Don’t put your clubs away when wet.  Moisture promotes rust and deposits of crud.
  • Use headcovers: Dings and dents not only make your club heads look unsightly but can also affect aerodynamic performance. Prevent this from happening by using headcovers. At the very least, use them on your woods.
  • Clean the grips: Your swing is only as good as your grip. So, periodically check and clean club handles to remove dirt, sweat, and sunscreen. Regripping is always a solution, but then you’ll have to visit the pro shop and break in new grips.
  • Inspect club shafts: Like a damaged club head can impact performance, so can shaft dings and splits.  As you wipe down each club, look for blemishes and replace any affected shafts.

#1: Use The Cargo Bed

It’s not an ideal solution, but you can store clubs in the cargo bed (with precautions). As we mentioned above, use dividers and headcovers to prevent damage to individual clubs. Next, use tie-down straps to prevent the bag and clubs from shifting inside the cargo bed.  The downside with this approach is that your clubs are exposed to the elements and prying eyes.

#2: Use The Backseat

Assuming you have a two-row truck, it’s easy enough to toss the clubs in the back seat. They won’t roll around too much and they’ll be secure. It’s a no-brainer solution with a few negatives. You’ll be limiting passenger access to the back seat and bringing dirty clubs into the cabin. At the same, there’s risk of damaging the upholstery.

#3: Use A Storage System

If you’re serious about protecting your golf gear and your truck, consider a truck bed storage solution for the cargo area.  One example is the Unruli LIBERATOR™ system that combines an in-bed storage bin with an integrated tonneau cover.  The soft-sided compartment provides plenty of room (51” x 16” x 9”) for your clubs and bag. Plus, the slide-out system allows for easy access (or removal, if you need the entire cargo area). Best, of all, the tonneau cover keeps your things out of sight and protected from the weather.

Unruli: Golf Gear Protection

Learn more about how the made-in-the-USA LIBERATOR™ system offers golf gear protection for most Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, RAM, and Toyota pickup trucks.  Contact Unruli today.